BII TSHK provides systems and integration expertise in AFC systems including bespoke software and hardware as required. BII TSHK devices include contactless smartcard AFC devices such as bus driver and card processors, ticketing and add value machines, gate adaption kits, pole processors and point of sale terminals. BII TSHK backend systems include wireless depot systems with data concentrators, transaction delivery middleware and backend central computers with reconciliation and 3rd party interfaces.


Bus Contactless Smart Card Processors Unit (BCP)

The Bus Validator is designed specifically for use in AFC systems on buses, for validating and debit of AFC cards. The Bus Validator performs mission-critical functions and completes every transaction within 0.3 seconds. With Wi-Fi communication interfaces, the Bus Validator can be connected to the Driver Display Unit.

Driver Display Unit (DDU)

The Driver Console is an intelligent control panel for bus drivers to issue paper tickets for cash payment and monitor statuses of the Bus Validators installed on buses. It is connected to the Bus Validator. Its 4 LEDs and a 12-key capacitive touch keypad interface allows drivers to quickly and easily control the system.

Platform Ticket Processor

The Platform Ticket Processor is designed for outdoor environment to withstand high temperature, ingression protection and vandalism.


Smart Card Desktop Processor

The Desktop Processor provides web interface for operator to administrate, monitor, handle blacklisting, card and transaction enquiries.

Ticket Machine

The Ticket Vending Machine is an unmanned machine installed in the unpaid area at stations, for ticket issuance and reloading. A Man Machine Interface (MMI) screen is provided as combined passenger information display and control panel to passenger interaction. It is connected to the Station Computer for transaction and configuration data exchange.


Gate Top Display

Gate top LCD module to enhance the status and information display to passenger.

Tripod Gate

Legacy Tripod Gates is modified for use in AFC systems for metro or railway by our smart card kits. It is equipped with card reader, LCD display and multi I/O card to interfaces gate mechanism and indicators. It is an low cost solution to enabling preinstalled gates to take advantage of smart card functions.


Service Provider Central Computer (SPCC)

The Service Provider Central Computer System is the Transit Operator's central computer system to collect, verify and process transactions and to perform clearing and settlement functions with clearing house. The Central Computer System comprises of six primary modules – the System Parameter, Card Management, Transaction Management, Operation Management, Report & Analysis, and Clearing & Settlement. Fully automated system operation without manual operation, greatly reducing operating costs. High reliability, fault detection and performed automatically restart. The Central Computer System is the AFC revenue collection management and operational monitoring system. It validates data from lower tiers and store at the database server, forward revenue date to payment gateway or clearing center for daily settlement. Revenue reconciliation Responsible for the transaction data verification, business transaction revenue (electronic data) collection statistics Reconciliation with the settlement branch (electronic collection and reconciliation of the actual receipt) and coordinate the reconciliation of the results; Error and invalid data verification and processing; Report management Responsible for the transaction revenue clearing; Adhoc reports for transaction enquiries ; Responsible for the distribution of user reports at all levels; Monitoring and management of system components, device management and user access control Restart the services components Maintain bus depot computer and data acquisition system configuration settings Maintain data retention time and log files Automated E-mail error notification to operation staff Maintain user roles and accounts

Bus Depot Computer (BDC)

The Depot Computer System is a PC-based software to download transaction files from Bus Validators, and to upload configuration files and hotlist files to Bus Validators via local area network. It acts as a data concentrator to handle data exchange between front-end and Central Computer System on regular basis.

Key Features - Collects transaction data from Bus Validator and submits it to the Central Computer System - Downloads configuration data from the Central Comupter System and uploads it to Bus Validators - Monitors the status of Bus Validator - Report generation - Standard PC in LAN with Bus Validator - Alarm for exceptional cases

Bus AFC system

A three tiers Bus AFC system showing the on bus AFC equipment, bus depot computer and AFC central computer. The system reduces cash management cost, minimize user errors and collection of counterfeit coin or notes. Meanwhile, it also reduce labour resources and management costs. The system is fully automatic and requires no operators carried out routine tasks. Adoption of open platform system design, the systems can be installed and deployed to different hardware platform in a short period of time. The system is readily integrate to vehicle location system and function as an intelligent traffic system. The Bus AFC devices can be easily integrate with GPS and 3G data modules for stop and vehicle positioning according to customers' business requirement.

Ticket Machine Central Computer

This is to monitor and control the installed Ticket Machine. A graphical representation of each Ticket Machines showing its operating status down to modules level, alarms, critical and warning events for machines status reporting and alert to operators. Operators also able to download software updates and execute control commands to a particular machines. All transaction data also upload and stored within the local database for revenue reporting.