BII TSHK has been involved in many Hong Kong and international projects across the world. Our primary customers and projects include the transport Service Providers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Since the initial launch of first of AFC systems in year 1997, BII-TSHK in the past has been provided technical services, on-going system enhancements, system expansion solutions and maintenance services for transport operators in Hong Kong in the past 20 years.

A new chapter in the development of Hong Kong's public transport system began on 1st September, 1997 when Creative Star launched the world's first contactless smart card multi-modeal transport fare collection system. The system quickly gained wide acceptance with the travelling public handling over 10 million transactions in the first two weeks of operation after the launch. The Octopus card has become an integral part of Hong Kong's day-to-day life. BII Transit Systems continue to provide technical services, on-going system enhancements and maintenances services to local transport operators in the past 20 years.


Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, ERG implemented a state of the art, smart card-based Automated Clearing Centre (ACC) capable of processing more than 10 million passenger journeys per day in less than 4 hours. Metro Transit operators have been provided with a number of benefits including back-office transaction processing, financial management, card based management and, overall, a highly reliable system. Since operation, the system has processed 740 million passenger journeys, which equates to more than 3.7 billion usage data transactions and continues to provide Beijing residents, and visitors, with more efficient public transport.


BII developed a Central Clearing House Card Management System to support Bangkok Smart Card System (BSS) goal of developing a micropayments brand in Bangkok and later the rest of Thailand. Apart from main project deliverables, it also included working with BSS and Bangkok Bank to implement a retail solution to provide a network of sales points which will accept the BSS card for retail purchases. - Support integration of BMCL and BTS systems with CCH - Support the requirements of eMoney in Thailand - Integrate with Bank of Bangkok for Autoload and Settlement